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This page explains how to configure mIRC to connect to the PW server using IRC.  Other IRC clients will have a similar configuration.

First, open the configuration Windows by going to Tools>Options

Tools>Options (Alt+O)

Once the configuration Window is open, click on the tree on the left where it says "Connect".

User Config

The correct settings are *important*.

Full Name is ignored by the PW server so it doesn't matter what is there.

Email Address must be <pw username>  In other words, if my username is NMDANGE, I have to put in, or  The domain doesn't matter, just the user part.

Under Nickname, put your displayname.  This is your username plus any clan tags you have.  So if my username is NMDANGE and I'm in the (MS) clan I should put (MS)NMDANGE here.  Leave Alternative blank.


Now the server must be configured.  Click on Servers on the left, then click Add:

Add Server

The following Window will open:

Edit Server

For Description, put any useful name you like.

IRC Server can be a domain name or IP Address.  This will vary from server to server.  The main PW server is always accessible via

The Port defaults to 6667, but certain servers may change this.  You will have to check with the server you wish to connect to.

Group can be anything convenient to organize all PW servers.

In Password, you must put in your PW password.

Once the configuration is complete you should be able to connect.

To recap:

  • Email Address must be <pw username>
  • Nickname must be Display name (Username + clan tags)
  • A connection password must be used, and it should be your PW password.


A note for technical IRC users:

The raw USER command is in the following format:
USER <username> <hostname> <servername> :<realname>

In mIRC, using the names from the above screenshots, the command is:

USER nmdange "" "" :Michael





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