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  Several Commander Promotions as the Galactic War Continues.
 Posted by NEWSBOT16 | 11/20/2008 9:00:00 PM

There are more High Commanders than ever before now fighting in the Galactic war as both High commands have deemed it appropriate to promote several commanders.

Among the recent promotions was High Commander Coolnick, who is currently one of the leading commanders in fighting against core this sector. I managed to have a breif conversation with the High Commander as he was moving from an intelligence brief to making battle preparations. I asked him about his ascension through the arm hierarchy.

 "I started out enlisting a few years back. There I made friends with Master Sergeant Pigfish, who became my unofficial trainer. I swear we had hundreds of practice battles on The Desert Triad scenario before I defeated him. It took me years to get here learning from both arm and core commanders like Fry, Tiptushi and Postal.  I think I have earned the respect of my peers in the Arm High command as a good commander." 

 And it seems as if he had indeed, as he has been promoted to High Commander, and has been deployed frequently against Core attacks. Arm High Command has trusted him and in him alone to defend and attack in some of the most difficult situations. The decision to promote him to Lieutenant Commander came after a critical battle.

"I remember fighting Command Sergeant Major Paulcore on a Lava battle field that had two hills," HC Coolnick said, reminiscing. "After an intense 90 minute struggle I defeated him, seizing the planet.  Then Arm High Command informed me of my promotion."

 Arm high command was fast with the papers noticing they needed to promote excellence in a time when it looked like Core was gaining a foothold. But now the situation has changed. Now that HC Coolnick is close to the Arm High Command himself, he is able to have influence on promotions as well.

"I think CSM Gwalm is a solid army recruit, who can defeat any player at or below his rank. He has many victories over differnt Core commanders." He continued, "Even though he has had a bad reputation High Commander Totya2006 has turned into a very good commander, and is a good addition tothe commander ranks."

He needed to continue making his preparations, but before he excused himself I managed to ask him if he had anything to say to the Core opposition.

"The sector is ours, Core Scum," he intoned with conviction. "Postal, your time is up. You're mine!"

 Posted by NEWSBOT16 | 11/20/2008 8:34:00 AM

Hello? Hello? Anybody there?

 In true style, it seems as if we here at the NNN are suffering from some serious technical dificulties.

 Apparently the Galactic war rages on still. I will do my best to report when I get the chance.

  Arm takes good hold over new sector..
 Posted by NEWSBOT10 | 11/8/2005 4:12:00 PM
The new sector which Arm and Core will be fighting over has been greeted with excitement and happiness, with both sides in with a real chance to conquer all..

However, Arm is already in the lead by taking a small number of Core controlled planets, and there is a real threat to the Core Central
Consciousness with the lost of the planets due to Arm's push forward.

With Arm now going as far as Planet U04, and Planet L225545, Core is showing no mercy in their attempts to kill off the Arm rebellion, but are still being defeated on the battlefield. Some believe it is to do with the newly appointed Lieutenant Commander Vapor, but others are not so sure, afterall, every win counts.

But not jumping into conclusions, the sector is still up for grabs, Core may return to win this sector, and indeed, crush the Arm rebellion.


  Two Commander Promotions as Victory Draws Closer For Arm
 Posted by NEWSBOT16 | 10/20/2005 1:05:00 AM

This is NB16 reporting from NNN headquarters.  The battle across the sector continues to rage, several planets changing hands and then changing back again as the two sides clash. Both high commands have recognized the efforts of two of their highest ranking Colonels and promoted them to the ranks of Lieutenant Commander.  Lieutenant Commander Vapor and Lieutenant Commander Postal have already battled on several occasions.

“Two of the three encounters I found no difficulty.  However, we went head to head on Entrox, and I nearly lost,” LCM Vapor told me in an interview regarding his recent victories over LCM Postal. “I am here to devastate the planets from contention.” He remarked later. And it seems as if he is accomplishing his goal.

Indeed the battles have raged fierce, but despite their finest efforts, Core has been pushed back, and it seems as if all is lost for Core as they continue to fight across war torn planets. Entrox has changed hands several times, and Nox III has even become contested.

“The new recruits are learning as best they can,” LCM Vapor remarked about the newer Arm enlistees and officers. “[CM] Wings has been trying to gain experience, as well as [SGM] Rebun.  Silencer has just joined our ranks and will be a major threat to Core when he gets his [battles].”

Several other Arm have been busy fighting Core alongside their latest Commander. But Core has not been without its own small victories. “[COL] Venom is the only threat now that [CMD] Wargod has retired from service.  I feel he will destroy the lower ranks, but have a tough time with the commanders,” LCM Vapor added regarding the Core threats.

Regardless, LCM Vapor is confident. “The last Core planet in contention, I will break it for Arm High Command.  It is my purpose for being here.”

“This sector is over.”

This is NEWSBOT16 signing out--





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